Monday, June 21, 2010

A Property in Hollywood

With Singapore megachurch City Harvest Church and its founder, Reverend Kong Hee, under investigation for misusing church funds, it was only natural that attention would be turned to Reverend Kong Hee’s wife, Sun Ho.

A singer, Sun Ho, had been a lighting rod for criticism for years because
a) she’s a pastor’s wife but also a singer who thinks nothing about dressing skimpily for her career
b) her music isn’t gospel but techno/trance
and c) her husband has been an unabashed supporter of her career, even promoting her music to his church members

So it’s no surprise that the Singapore media had been trying to get some dirt on her. The latest is the fact that she has been living in Hollywood in a $28,000-a-month rented estate beside celebrities like actress America Ferrera and British singer Leona Lewis.

Seriously, is that the best you can come up with? Sun Ho has had a successful career in Asia, before she tried to break into the American market. She had sold millions of record so it’s possible she bought the property herself without help from her husband. Unlikely, but not impossible.

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