Friday, January 6, 2012

Comics this week

Artifacts #13- With the universe destroyed in #12, this issue is an epilogue showing off the new universe which Top Cow will now be set on. However the issue isn’t a straightforward revamp as writer Ron Marz decided to show the difference between Sara and Jackie and what they are (and are not) willing to do for the greater good. It was a rollercoaster with an open ending that leave a lot of room for other writers to fill in the blanks. Marz did such a great job I want to pick up Witchblade to see if Sara still remember that Hope is her daughter. The only problem I had with the issue was how little we know about what happened to the rest of the artifacts bearers. Does Dani still have the Angelus? Is Finnegan dead? Guess I have to pick #14 to find up.

Villains For Hire #2- After a so-so debut, #2 of “Villains For Hire” was much better. The issue kicks off with Purple Man's crew again coming up against Misty Knight's team of villains. The fights between the C-list villains still leave a lot to be desired but the brains behind the operations takes centre stage with the Purple Man, Misty Knight and Headhunter weaving plot and counterplots against each other. Let me put out a shameless suggestion to writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning; make Misty Knight a bad guy! Like the Purple Man, I don’t buy the plot twist in this issue. I think it is a cover for Misty Knight to break Villains For Hire from the inside, so surprise me! Turn her to a bad guy; that will be fun!

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