Saturday, January 28, 2012

Still Waiting

Like most Singaporeans, I heard of the CPIM (Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau) arrest of the chiefs of the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) earlier this week. However I had stopped myself from commenting on it as there had been very little information on the arrest.

I’m still waiting.

All we know so far is that CNB director Ng Boon Gay was arrested last month and SCDF chief Peter Lim Sin Pang was arrested on 4 Jan this year. Both were arrested under the Prevention of Corruption Act and both are now out on bail. Oh wait; we also know that the duo had been suspended for “serious personal misconduct”.

That’s it! That’s all we know which means we don’t know anything because no information about what they had (allegally) done has been released yet! While both men had been suspended from their duties following “serious personal misconduct”, the nature of their actual offence is a total mystery.

A mystery I think the Singapore government needs to clear ASAP. Did the men take money? Was it sex for favours? Why it took the government so long before even admitting the 2 men were under investigation?

Despite what some Singaporeans are saying, I do not think this case is like the corruption case involving SLA (Singapore Land Authority) last year. That was a case of two senior employees at the SLA cheating the agency of some $11.8 million; this is a case involving the CBB and SCDF. The Singapore government need to understand that there is a lot of difference between the SLA, CNB and SCDF. Most Singaporeans ignored the SLA, some people don’t even know what the SLA is for, but the CNB and SCDF are different matters altogether!

The CNB and SCDF are security agencies. Singaporeans are very interested in what sort of “corruption” had been uncovered at these 2 agencies. The sooner the information is released, the better it will be for everyone including the Singapore government.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans want a answer now why so long

Ghost said...

Correct and that's the problem. I imagine that if that reporter from Lianhe Wanbao newspaper had not reported on the corruption investigations, Singaporeans would still be in the dark. The longer it take for them to issue out the statement, the worse it will be for the government.

Ah Chiang said...

Sporeans actually dont care about these scandals. They will only care if it affects their rice bowls.

Ghost said...

On this I strongly disagree. Singaporeans did not care about the SLA case because it is SLA. The SNB & SCDF are very different.