Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Ever-Changing Story

On 23 December, there was heavy rain in Singapore and Singapore’s shopping belt, Orchard Road, was again flooded. However it is the ensuing finger-pointing for this latest embarrassment that had raise eyebrows.

It all started when the PUB first made an official statement saying that there was no flood on Orchard Road rather it was a “ponding” of water. However several photos on the internet showed the flooding in buildings such as Liat Towers and Lucky Plaza (both on Orchard Road) quickly made a mockery of that.

Then the management of Liat Tower (probably in an effort to protect themselves) claimed that the cause of the flood in their building was due to the Stamford Canal being full. PUB immediately denied this saying the Stamford Canal was not full and that the flooding within Liat Tower has nothing to do with the canal. Then on 30 December, PUB issued a press release stating "The sustained heavy downpour resulted in the flooding of several roads including the Thomson/Cambridge areas as well as the basements of Liat Towers and Lucky Plaza." Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan then came out to “urge” Singaporeans to be patient because “alternatives to the Stamford Canal” are being studied to help resolve flooding along Orchard Road.

You heard of the never-ending story? For the flood on Orchard Road, it’s the ever-changing story! Suddenly, there is flooding on Orchard Road. Suddenly the Stamford Canal was full. Suddenly, not only did they know the Stamford Canal was full, they are also “methodically and carefully” studying “alternatives”.

Frankly, I don’t see why they can’t just say that in the first place.

All the finger-pointing beforehand is senseless. Most Singaporeans don’t care why there is a flood on Orchard Road, they just want the problem fixed! The PUB should stop worrying about covering their ass (because it’s no longer possible) and just concentrate on fixing the flood problem on Orchard Road.

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