Thursday, January 12, 2012

Comics this week

Green Lantern #5- The first Green Lantern arc concludes with Hal Jordon and Sinestro saving Korugar from the Sinestro Corps. As the start of a new series, I would have to say this arc wasn’t the best GL story in existence but I believe I finally understood what writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke were looking to do. They were looking to craft a story to get new readers; to keep new readers who pick up GL #1 due to the New 52 revamp. So gone were the space opera and in came the buddy cop story of Hal and Sinestro. It’s not the greatest but the starting arc was a good starting point for new readers. Having said that, I’m glad it’s over. Let’s get back to the space opera!

Demon Knights #5- Writer Paul Cornell again delved into his cast, however unlike the last issue which focused on the Shining Knight, he decided this time to reveal the motivations of each and every knight. Now as I had said before, Cornell and artist Diogenes Neves had been doing some great work in Demon Knights but Demon Knights is a series on warriors and mages! In a series like this, we need…well sword fights and magic. Going into the back-story of the knights is great but we are still only at #5 so it’s more important to get and keep readers. Let’s admit it; there’s no way all the New 52 titles would last through the year and according to the sales chart, Demon Knights is currently being criminally overlooked by readers. The last page of this issue however gives me hope. The upcoming battle looked epic!

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