Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Malaysian Cup returned!

Yesterday night for the first time in 17 years, a Singapore team was playing in the Malaysian League. Tried as they might, the FAS (Football Association of Singapore) had been unable to recreate the magic of the Malaysian Cup in the local S-League and yesterday show what the S-League lacked.

The moment I on the television last night, I could see what the local football scene was missing. A capacity crowd, an electrifying atmosphere, and a passion for the sport that reignite my memories of the last time Singapore was in the Malaysian Cup. It had been too long.

However with Singapore’s return to the Malaysian Cup, there is also a return of something which I do NOT miss. Our whining! Singaporeans has a tendency to whine and this trait is increased ten-fold when it comes to football.

Yesterday, Singapore lost 2-1 to Kelantan. The winning goal came via a penalty which Singapore complained should not have been given. Singapore’s vice-captain Hariss Harun even said that a draw would have been a fairer result.

No, it wouldn’t. Last night, Kelantan was just better. They had more possession, more shots, and more control of the game than Singapore. Singapore played hard but Kelantan deserved to win. Yes, the penalty might be soft but I had seen them given before. There was contact between Singapore goalkeeper Izwan Mahbud and Kelantan striker Muhammed Gaddar.

It was NOT the wrong decision. So Singaporeans need to stop their whining about unfair referees and miscarriage of justice. We are back in the Malaysia Cup! Let’s just enjoy the trip!

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