Monday, January 9, 2012

Wrong Decision Made

It was always coming. After train disruptions in December, SMRT chief executive officer Saw Phaik Hwa has withstood calls from Singaporeans to step down from her post. As of Friday, Ms. Saw had stepped down from her post as SMRT CEO.

Frankly, it was a long time coming as the continued train disruptions had made her position untenable. The problem I have is not her resignation but the fact that the problems with the train system are still NOT fixed!

When Ms. Saw's took the decision to stay on as CEO, she said that she was staying on to set things right. It has been a month yet Singaporeans are still plagued with slowdowns and breakdowns of the train system. Just yesterday, the news reported of yet another slowdown on the Circle Line!

So despite her wish to take responsibility for the disruptions and her pledge to set things right, Ms. Saw had failed to fix the problems of the SMRT. In the end, her decision to stay on as SMRT CEO in December was the wrong one.

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