Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Comics this week

Artifacts #17- You know how I praised artist Stjepan Sejic last issue on being a truly gifted talent? I may have understated it. I thought his work last issue was good but it paled in comparison to this issue. I mean the fight between Jackie Estacado and Tom Judge was epic. The fight itself wasn’t that long or bloody but the art by Sejic made that brief fight look like 2 gods going to war. WOW! Buy this issue for the artwork along people; it's that good!

Demon Knights #9- After the first story arc is over, I guess it’s only right that the Knights got a new quest. However I’m not sure about the latest quest shown in this issue. I can understand writer Paul Cornell wishing to show off more of the world he built but the quest to go to Avalon and revive Merlin seems…so expected! With half the knights having some connection to Merlin, you sort of known that the old mage is going to pop-up sooner or later but having it happen in the second story arc seems to be rushing it. However Cornell saved the issue with the last page reveal. The potential new enemy/ally on the last page is interesting with a capital “I”. With Vertigo no longer around, all the Vertigo characters are now in the New 52. However this character is about the last I expected but considering this series is called “Demon Knights”, I really should have known better. If he is playing a big role in the future of this series, consider me sold on the idea!   

Green Lantern #9- That’s it? On the first story arc that focused on the Indigo Tribe, the tribe looked like it’s no more. Well, there’s one more issue in the arc so maybe writer Geoff Johns is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat. I hope so cause the tribe looks and sounds interesting. I’m not surprised by the role Abin Sur has in the creation of the tribe, it has been hinted at before, but the fact that he knows about “the end of the crops” might prove problematic. Abin Sur has always been portrayed as a noble and loyal GL and the fact that he knows of the Guardians going to wipe out the crops but didn’t tell anyone except an old unknown friend from a planet no one has even heard of…well it just doesn’t jell with the character we know and loved. Outside that point, this was a good issue of GL madness.

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