Thursday, May 17, 2012

Comics this week

Higher Earth #1- I haven’t been too impressed with the new series from Boom so far but at $1, I decided to give this series a shot. The story involved a man named Rex who hopped into a dimension to find a young girl named Heidi. He tells her both of them are from a different earth, and that she need to come with him. After killing an assassin, they jumped to another earth; a higher earth. If you’re a little confused by the plot, you’re not alone. Higher Earth #1 is a pretty interesting teaser. It gave us swordplay, dimension hopping, cyborg robots etc, without telling us anything. It seem a pretty interesting universe but I will need to see more before deciding if I'm going to pick it up.

Justice League #9- Writer Geoff Johns starts the latest story arc a little different from the first one. The new villain he bought in wasn't that convicing to me but Johns saved the issue by giving the characters their own time in the issue. The flashbacks he put in gave new readers a sense of what the characters are about and after the action of the first arc, this was welcomed. What was even bettter was how true the characters felt! Batman’s reaction after the death of his parents and Cyborg’s relationship with his father were especially progiant. I'm still not sure about the Shazam back-up. Billy Batson’s first day at school was kind of bland and it wan't till the end when we actually saw some magic. Don't get me wrong, I think the story was well-written but a Shazam story without any magic is kind of missing the point with the character. You can change Billy Batson with any other character in the DCU and it would not have make a difference in this story. Hopefully, things will pick up soon for the back-up.

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