Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That's The Reason?

With Singtel having the sole rights to the broadcast of the English Premier League (EPL), almost everyone in Singapore was watching last weekend's season finale on Singtel mioTV. However Singtel dropped the ball when the broadcast suffered repeated disruptions.

With the Media Development Authority (MDA) now probing the disruptions, SingTel has come out in public to explain the reasons for the disruptions. The reason they gave was that too many people changed channels at the same time, so this was what caused the faults.

Really? That's the reason? With two games going on at the same time, Singtel didn't expect people to switch channels? They never prepared for the "off-chance" that people will switch channels to see if Manchester City or Manchester United won the EPL?

I can see how well this explanation will satisfy local fans. Right; that will happen.

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