Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Decision Without Any Help

The moment Chelsea lifted the English FA Cup after beating Liverpool on Saturday, questions were asked about the lack of goal-line technology in football. I will ask people to do one simple thing; stop whining!

The “problem” happened when Liverpool striker Andy Carroll met a cross at the far post and powered a header towards goal. Chelsea keeper Petr Cech made a brilliant save to deflect the header on to the bar. Referee Phil Dowd and assistant referee Andrew Garratt waved play on despite Liverpool's insistent protests that the ball had crossed the line. Several people have said that the incident proves that football needs to implement goal-line technology. There is only slight problem with all the complaints.

The referee made the right decision! It was NOT a goal!

A succession of replays from various angles showed that the goal did not cross the line. Guess what people? That means the referee was right! He made the right decision. If anything, this incident proves that football don’t need goal-line technology because the referee got the decision right without any help

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