Friday, May 4, 2012

Movable Cat Ears

I never got cosplay. I know some people find it cute but I just don’t get it. However I do admire how seriously cosplayers take their hobby.

It’s for that reason I know they are going to go gaga on the latest must-have for cosplayers in Japan. A Japanese company, Neurowear, unveiled its latest product at the "Nico Nico Chōkaigi" convention last weekend; movable cat ears!

Instead of the normal headband with cat ears on it, Neurowear’s latest product detect the brainwaves of its wearer and the wearer can move the cat ears remotely just by thinking it! The product, called Necomimi, allow the wearer to twitch, folding down or up the ears.

I can see why this project will be a hit with cosplayers but I don’t know what I find funnier. That a hobby like cosplay got much advance technology or that such technology is used to move cat ears!

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Jennifer said...

never mind the people, just be yourself and go what makes you happy. I do even wear my nekomimi in whatever event if i want to. As a matter of fact, i do have a lot of collection of this ears from PIJ.