Friday, May 25, 2012

Comics this week

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #9- Sigh! All those interesting characters in all those Corps and it seems DC is trying to kill off so many of them. After the deal made with Invictus, the various members of the New Guardians spilt up and returned to their own Corps. Writer Tony Bedard has wisely used this time to focus on the different members of the group. After Arkillo last issue, this time it is Saint Walker. It was fun to note how in awe the other Blue Lanterns are of the first Blue Lantern and how uncomfortable Saint Walker was at their almost worship-like devotion. When the attack by The Reach came, the others naturally fell in line to follow “The Blue Lantern”. Unfortunately, the next issue is titled “The Last Stand of The Blue Lantern” so it doesn’t look for them. However I have hope; these blue guys are just too interesting to be destroyed. All Will Be Well!

Justice League Dark #9- After the 'Rise of the Vampires' crossover, I’m going to give this series a chance to impress me. So far so good because there’s a whole new lineup for the team starting with this issue. Having John Constantine as the team leader made sense and the new team dynamic works pretty well. Basically everyone insults Constantine with one-liners while taking orders from him and the insults falls off the bastard like water off a waterfall. And the finish was great! Tim Hunter, Tim Hunter, Tim Hunter!

I, Vampire #9- You know when Andrew Bennett got his new powers, I was expecting him to do something far more than bringing all the vampires in America together just to keep them pen up. Maybe writer Joshua Hale Fialkov has some master plan he hadn’t revealed yet. I hope so because the start of this new story arc does not look good.

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