Monday, July 16, 2012

Captured Dog

In Japan, there is a legendary story of a dog called 'Hachiko' who always wait at a train station for its owner, even after the owner had died. In Singapore, a dog has recently been called the 'Hachiko' of Jurong East as it became a well-known sight at Jurong East St 31.

It has been captured.

36-year-old Kevin Teo hired a few men to capture the dog as he wanted to adopt it. Now I have nothing against Mr. Teo but I always wonder why Singaporeans can’t just leave things be. The dog has always minded its own business and seems to prefer living on its own. It ran away every time someone tried to approach it and it has escaped several attempts to capture it before.

Now I understand Singaporeans are city people and as such most of us are terrified of wild animals (cats, dogs, monkey, boars etc), but seriously there’s no reason to start catching or culling every animal that’s roaming free. I mean this dog hasn’t disturbed anyone (quite the contrary in fact) so why the need to catch it?

I hope it has a good home with Mr. Teo and his wife, but if it was up to me; I’ll leave the dog alone.

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