Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sporting Equality

With the London Olympics Games coming, I just read a report on “gender equality” on sports. The report made out that this is the first Olympics that women will compete in all 26 sports including boxing.

Uh…really? I must say I was surprised when I read this. Why is woman boxing in the Olympics? I am all for women in combat sport, I have no problem with women competing in karate, judo etc, but boxing? How many women are there in the world who compete in boxing?

Woman boxing is a niche sport, at best! It has no place in the Olympics. If you really want more women in the Olympics, then put in sports that women actually plays. Take the example of netball. Surely there are more women playing netball in the world than doing boxing. Why is a niche sport like woman boxing in the Olympics but not netball?

I am all for the trend towards gender equality on sports but equality does not mean both men and women playing the same sports. That’s not equality because men and women like to play different sports. That is just a fact.

To me, having woman boxing isn’t a sign of gender equality on sports. It’s trying to shoehorn women into a sport most of them don’t play and have no desire to. To me, that’s almost the opposite of equality.


Anonymous said...

Imagine the book-making potential of woman boxing to understand

Ghost said...

Doesn't change the fact not many women practice boxing as a sport.