Thursday, July 5, 2012

Comics this week

Earth 2 #2- Sigh! I just knew it. Alan Scott’s male lover died and DC continued the tradition of killing off superheroes’ loved ones as a plot device. I will admit that writer James Robinson did a fine job with this issue though. Reimagining Alan Scott as the protector of The Green was a cool touch. I must say I never thought of it but it’s a solid idea that actually made sense. Robinson even put in a good idea on why he is using a ring as a weapon. With the exception of the tasteless killing of Scott’s lover, this was a fine issue.

Justice League Dark #10- I will say this for JL Dark; having John Constantine as the team leader is fun! The arrogant self-serving rogue magician made this issue ticked though I do worry that this series may have become too much of a Hellblazer series. Mr. Mist and Black Orchid are especially overshadowed this issue which I think is a missed opportunity as the duo are the most conflicted two of the whole bunch. Still, the whole issue was a fun read, especially the small tie-in with Demon Knights. Look forward to the next issue!

I, Vampire #10- Powerful people are often arrogant people and with his new powers, that is a hubris that Andrew Bennett got in abundance. Flushed with his new powers, he called in the vampires’ mortal enemies to negotiate a truce. He firmly believed his new powers will be able to keep his side safe; he was dead wrong (pun intended). In many ways, this issue showed how much better as a leader Mary was especially when compared to the naïve Bennett. After a poor issue last time, it’s good to see I, Vampire back on track.

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