Monday, July 23, 2012

The Real Sign

Last week, retired businessman Goh Poh Ket, 65, got into a fight with his neighbour over parking space outside their homes along Jalan Chulek. Some people had commented that this is another sign Singapore is bursting at the seams.

Sorry but you guys are wrong. This incident is about bad neighbours fighting over a parking space. It happens all the time, even before the open door policy for foreigners. However do you want to know a real sign of Singapore bursting at the seams?

It’s reports that Singaporeans are now buying properties and moving to Malaysia. Now, Singaporeans moving to Malaysia is nothing new but what’s new is the type of people moving to Malaysia.

It used to be only Singaporean Malays who go to Malaysia but nowadays, we have Singaporeans Chinese buying properties and staying in Malaysia. And we are not talking about retirees here; Singaporeans in their 30s and 40s are moving north of the Causeway and moving their families along.

You want to know a sign of Singapore bursting at the seams? When young Singaporeans decide to vote with their feet and move their money and family out of Singapore because they believe they will have a better future away from Singapore. Now that’s a sign!

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully, they will be happier wherever they go.

Bless them.