Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Secret World Patch

When a new MMORPG launch, there will always be bugs. It is a certainty. All of them have it in one way or another. So when Funcom announced that the details of the first major patch of their new MMORPG, The Secret World, you would think it’s a good thing right?

Not exactly…you see, The Secret World haven’t officially launch yet! Yes, I know early bird customers have been playing for a few days already but the launch isn’t official yet. How is it that the company can put together the details of the first patch before launch? It shouldn’t be possible right?

Not for Funcom. Now I played Age of Conan and liked the idea behind The Secret World so to me, Funcom is a company with some vision and credibility. However I find it incredulous that they had managed to put together the game's first major patch before launch! It tells me that Funcom knows about the problems but were unable to fix them before launch so they reveal this to forestall any complains from players.

In theory there’s nothing wrong with that but surely on principal, you should fix the problem before launch. Right now Funcom is saying, “Yes, we know these are the problems. We are trying to fix them. Please play the game with the problems for the moment.”

Now some players might find that Funcom did the right thing by being pro-active but to me, it is just wrong.

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