Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Free

Free! It’s the magic word in Singapore right up there along with “discount”. It's no secret that Singaporeans like free things and most would willingly go to great length for free items. So someone in Singapore needs to have the same idea as the people at Fantastic Delites.

Fantastic Delites, an Australian snack food company, set up a vending machine to see just how far people will go for free items. As a marketing ploy, the company set up the Delite-O-Matic vending machine at a shopping mall in Adelaide that asks people to do embarrassing tasks for free gifts. The first person only had to put a button 100 times, but then the number started going up and some people had to hit the button 5,000 times. Then the machine got more creative in its tasks.

It started asking people to bow down in worship or to dance in front of the machine…and people did! Of course the prizes got better the more outrageous the task. For pushing the button 500 times, you get a pack of snacks, but for pushing it one million times, you get two packs of snacks and a private island holiday in Fiji.

However according to the website on the company website, no one has pushed the button one million times yet. Silly Australians! If they had done this in Singapore, the prize would be gone by now! It’s free!

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