Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Winner

As widely expected, a British court has cleared ex-England football captain John Terry of racially abusing fellow footballer Anton Ferdinand in a football match in October.

For anyone who do not know, the Chelsea and England defender was accused of calling Ferdinand "black" and using extreme sexual swear words. Terry do not deny saying those words, only that he repeating what he thought Ferdinand had said to him as they traded insults. What’s even funnier was the fact that Anton Ferdinand can't say he heard the remarks. He only complained about the incident after seeing a video from Youtube (of all places) of the exchange.

This is a football match. People insult each other all the time on the field and both players openly admit they were having a go at each other. In the heat of a match, people says stupid things. So I have to ask this; how the hell did this case get to the courts?

Football was harmed. Terry was stripped of his captaincy. England’s preparation for Euro 2012 was disturbed. Who wins here? This case should never have gone to court because anyone with any common sense can tell that it was unwinnable for the prosecution.


Anonymous said...

The real winners are the lawyers and the media mongers involved in this case.

Ghost said...

sad but true