Sunday, February 17, 2013

Comics this week

Bloodshot #8- Now I know writer Duane Swierczynski is trying to build a bigger story arc; I understand that Bloodshot is confused and in need of answers. However, the main thing about Bloodshot is that he is a stone-cold killer who is trying to be someone more than that. Swierczynski's Bloodshot seem to have forgotten about the killer part of the deal. Yes, I know he did rip the head off someone in this issue but most of the time, Bloodshot look like a confused drunk here. Bloodshot spend most of this issue getting pummeled by the bad guys and is only saved by the machines in his body. Artist Manuel Garcia is a decent artist but he also seen to be someone who do not know his weakness. Many times in this issue, he drew the heads of the characters out of proportion to the body and it hurts the issue. It's not a bad issue but well...Bloodshot just doesn't seen like Bloodshot.  

Demon Knights #17- At the end of Cornell's run, Demon Knights was running out of gas but with this second issue by writer Robert Venditti and artist Bernard Chang, I can safely say the series is now back on track. Venditti has thus far tried to keep his team small, focusing on Exoristos, Sir Ystin, and the Horsewoman. This focus has made things interesting, especially given that these three characters were lesser characters during Cornell's run. Venditti seen intend to make up for lost time and the 3 characters had been given room to grow. If this issue is an indication of things coming up, I want him to keep it this way. This issue was excellent.

Threshold #2- One good thing about a new anthology series is that with expectations low, the writers feels they have more freedom to try new things. That is the case for Threshold. I mean who would have thought that the space butler of Larfleeze would steal the show from all the characters in this issue. I mean we have a former undercover Green Lantern in Jediah Caul, a killer in Stealth, Blue Beetle, a cyborg rabbit in K-Rot, Larfleeze, the space smugglers called the Star Rovers, and without question, the butler stole the show. WE NEED MORE SPACE BULTERS!

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