Monday, February 4, 2013

Not Worried Enough

Right now, it’s almost a broken record. Singapore’s population in 2004 was 4.1 million, now it’s 5.3 million. An increase that has driven up property prices, increase inflation, stoked social tension, and cause the previously invincible ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) to lost its swagger in recent elections.

Ignoring their recent election losses, the PAP now publicly report that the population growth of Singapore will continue, with the population projected to be 6.9 million in the year 2030. Of which only 55% will be Singaporeans, while the rest will be "non-resident foreigners". This means that even permanent residents of Singapore will be considered as Singaporeans and natural-born Singaporeans in Singapore will be under 55% by 2030.

As expected, most Singaporeans are against the idea with the internet aflame with comments blasting the government. Most seems surprised at the report, with many saying that the PAP is ignoring the people by announcing this just after losing the Punggol East by-election. Those people are incorrect because I believe it is due to the election loss that the government announced the report now.

The next general election is in 2016, 3 years from now. Announcing the report now means that the government has 3 years to make people forget about the long-term planning of Singapore. Let’s admit it; every election cycle, Singaporeans vote on bread-and-butter issues, not the long term plans of Singapore 14-15 years down the line. The government knows this policy is unpopular, so that’s why they announced it now, 3 years before the next election.

As for why the government does not cancel the policy of open immigration, the answer is simple. The PAP government has already implemented the policy already and is not in any danger of losing their majority in Parliament. Think about it; they hold an 80-7 advantage in Parliament and the opposition posed no threat to them. Anyone who believes a by-election loss is going to change their minds on policies is in dreamland!

So Singaporeans who think that the government is ignoring the people are wrong. The government does care about the elections loss, that’s why they are announcing the population projection now. They’re just…not worried enough to change their minds on policies they have already implemented.  


Anonymous said...

please fact check your population in 2004!!

Anonymous said...

popn 1.1m in 2004????? it was More than 1.1m more than FORTY Years ago!

Ghost said...

Wow, that was fast. Not 20 mins after the post and already mistakes are pointed out. Mistook a 4 for a 1. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely approve the population White Paper. Singaporeans need to suffer the consequences of their electoral votes. We need a crisis to wake up those Singaporeans who think voting PAP is "playing safe".

Ghost said...

Sorry but I disagree. A "crisis" is something to be avoided. Having a crisis just to prove a point is...well, kind of stupid!