Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Ridiculous Stupid IOC

Let me make no bones about my position; the 15 members of International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board are nuts! Wrestling, an Olympic sport since the first Games is going to be dropped for the 2020 edition of the Olympic Games.

I find that decision to be incredible. Wrestling is not very popular in Singapore but even I have to say it should be in the Olympics. Wrestling is one of the original events in the first Olympic Games, it was even in the Olympics held by the ancient Greeks, and now the IOC are saying it is not an Olympic sport? What kind of bloody sense does that makes?

You know what really gets me? Wrestling is out while sports like beach volleyball are still in. You are telling me that beach volleyball is more of an Olympic sport than wrestling? On Yahoo, there is a poll which over 67% of people say that it should be in the Olympics. If you put one up there, I’m sure sports like modern pentathlon and beach volleyball will have far less than 67%.

I don’t care about television viewership or effective lobbying by the other sports; it is ridiculous that wrestling is not considered an Olympic sport! It is more than ridiculous, it is stupid!


Anonymous said...

A good point ghost. Hope you are now on even keel after the last encounter. You should send this piece to Ng Ser Miang. After all did`nt we spend (overspend?) $400 million on YOG which helped his election as VP of the IOC? There is even talk that he may be elected as President of the IOC.

Ghost said...

I doubt it. Singapore quite frankly isn't even on most people's radar when it comes to sports. Having a Singaporean as President of the IOC sounds stupid even to a Singaporean like myself.