Friday, February 22, 2013

Comics this week

Justice League #17- One thing about Aquaman is that while he’s a great hero; most of the time, he’s a terrible king. Aquaman do not have a political bone in his body and being a politician is part of the skill-set needed in a king. Personally, I think it’s one of the reasons why the Aquaman of the New 52 is such a success. He can be the hero without being the half-ass king he’s always been. So when Aquaman became king again at the conclusion of this crossover, let’s just say I have my doubts. Frankly I don’t think writer Geoff Johns should change something that’s not broken. Having Aquaman taking the throne seems out of character, at least for this version of Aquaman. The same thing can be said of him sending his brother, Ocean Master, to jail. What happened to the brotherly love he's been shoving down our throat since Aquaman #1? The ending was a little of a letdown considering the excellent setup but it’s doesn’t change the fact that the crossover is a success. It’s just too bad; “Throne of Atlantis” was good when it had a change to be great.

Justice League of America #1- When you first don’t succeed, try again! That’s seen to be the motto for DC right now. With the cancellation of Justice League International, DC is trying again, this time with Justice League of America. Like most #1, Justice League of America #1 is a setup issue with Amanda Waller (rant: DC, bring back the fat version!) and Steve Trevor discussing the various people that will be on the team. Geoff Johns writes yet another DC series but I do enjoy the selection of David Finch for this series. Without question, the concept of the U.S. government wanting a group of superpowers who will only be answerable to them opens up an espionage angle on things and Finch’s version of characters like Hawkman, Catwoman and Martian Manhunter looks darker (and better) than the earlier New 52 version of them. Finch’s art is dark and gritty and if that’s where this series is heading, then there may be hope for this latest JL spin-off.

Green Lantern #17- Remember when I posted that the “Rise of The Third Army” storyline was overly long and often tedious? Well, it looks like I was on to something because in a page of this issue, The Third Army got turned to ashes by the First Lantern. I’m not sorry about the loss of the Third Army but seriously, after all those issues it’s a letdown to see them destroyed within a page. The new “Wrath of the First Lantern” storyline is a crossover so I will be collecting all the issues and I have to say Volthoom seems a lot better as a villain with his reality-changing powers than the Third Army ever was. Here’s hoping its going to be a lot better than “Rise of The Third Army.” 

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