Thursday, February 28, 2013

Comics this week

Artifacts #25- You always knew this was coming. A team of the artifact-bearers will go after the Darkness. However, now that it’s here…I’m kind of disappointed by the battle. After some thoughts, I think I figure out the problem. Basically, this is the first part of a crossover, The Progeny, but writer Ron Marz tried too much. I know a lot of readers complain about the set-up issue before the battle, but the set-up issue is necessary and anyone who doubts that need to read this issue. At times, there were too much going on as Marz had to set a fast pace to cramp how Tom Judge setup the team and the battle against Jackie within the page count. Truth be told, there’s not much wrong with this issue but the pacing of the story is just wrong.

Justice League Dark #17- When this story arc first came about, I must say I was less than impressed. Making Tim Hunter a magical king returning to save his world hasn’t made my pulse raced but I have to say artist Mikel Janin and colorist Jeromy Cox seem to be having fun with the whole Science vs Magic battle on the world of Epoch. Also, we finally see Frankenstein do something of note. I still say the arc isn’t great but it’s fun and very enjoyable. Ultimately, that’s what matters in comics.

I, Vampire #17- Everyone knows how I feel about the cancellation of this great series and it seem the cancellation caught writer Joshua Hale Fialkov out as well. The artist mess of the previous issue seems to have been settled but the slow deliberate pace of the story in earlier issues have gave way to a quicker pace as Fialkov is in a rush to wrap things up. Parts of the story jump but with only 2 issues to go and so many plots to tie up, I think that’s understandable. Hopefully, Fialkov will finish the series on a high.

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