Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Higher Fines Please!

On the blog, SpotlightOnSingapore, the writer of the blog complained about the LTA (Land Transport Authority) being high-handed for issuing fine to vehicle that are illegally parked. The writer complained about CISCO officers who go into quiet private estate at night and into backlanes to look for these illegally parked vehicles.

I fail to see what the big deal is.

My position on LTA and CISCO issuing fines to these vehicles is totally different from the writer of Spotlight. I think there's nothing wrong with LTA or CISCO fining illegally parked vehicles; I am all for it. In fact, I don’t think they done enough!

I feel that a $70 or $120 fine for a vehicle that’s could cost up to $100,000 for the owner is nothing. If you are illegally park and can get away with it, great for you. But if you got fined, you pay the fine. That should be simple to understand right? What’s there to complain about? I don’t think any driver in Singapore can say they “don’t know” they cannot park or stop at roads with parking restriction lines.

However, the fine amount is so small I question who much the fine truly hurt the owners. I hope LTA revised their fines amount and make it costly for owners who park their vehicles illegally.


theonion said...

wow. never thought i see a dissing to an article on law enforcement rant

anthony sim said...

Are you having a fever or what writing this article?

When the fines are increased, they are set in stone. Be careful what you wish for.

Ghost said...

You guys don't live or work in areas where there's bumper to bumper illegal parking. Frankly, I'm okay with it but I hate it when people who do it whine about getting fines for it. If you want to illegal park, don't whine and bitch when you get caught. Pay the bloody fine.