Wednesday, February 20, 2013

National Defence Duty

Member of Parliament (MP) for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Hri Kumar recently suggested that Singapore imposed a “National Defence Duty” on foreigners and PRs living in Singapore. The idea has been ridiculed by almost everyone in Singapore and looks dead on arrival.

I have to put my two cents worth on this. I don’t think the idea is that bad…provided he make a change in it! That is to allow Singaporeans to avoid National Service as well if they pay this “National Defence Duty”.

I mean it makes sense right? If foreigners and PRs living in Singapore have the option of not doing National Service, surely Singaporeans should have the option as well. I’m sure there’s plenty of rich Singapore families who would be more than willing to pay money for their sons to avoid serving 2 years in the army.

I mean everything being fair, if foreigners and PRs can avoid National Service with money; why not let Singaporeans do the same thing? As for people complaining about this being a way for rich Singaporeans avoiding...well, there’s already a widening gap between rich and poor Singaporeans now! 

Let’s make it official! Only poor Singaporeans need to do National Service! If there is going to be a price on National Service, let all Singaporeans have the option to pay it as well!

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