Thursday, April 4, 2013

Comics this week

Earth 2 #11- Remember my review of #10 where I started by openly wondering about Karel Wotan being a guy? Well, it seems there's a good reason for that. Writer James Robinson gave a good explanation of it has he dumped the back-story of the character on us. The info dump was a bit of a stretch as the villain was talking to the Flash's mother, however the issue on the whole was still entertaining because the scenes inside the tower. Artist Nicola Scott did some excellent work it this issue. The only other problem I had with this issue is the end where Mister Miracle shown up. Frankly I have to wonder the need to add even more characters to the mix we already have, but if there's one thing he has proven so far, it's that Robinson has a plan.

Green Lantern #19- Finally! After so many parts of the “Warth of The First Lantern” crossover, the First Lantern finally did something that makes him a bad guy. No; fooling around with the memories of the various Lanterns don't count. Outside that, it's good to see Sinestro back in prime position. Too stubborn to quit, Sinestro is giving the First Lantern more problem than he had with all the others and writer Geoff Johns is, thankfully, milking it for all its worth. I won't say it's back on track but the crossover is looking up.

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