Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comics this week

Justice League #19- I have been complaining about writer Geoff Johns’ work on the GL crossover but this issue of the Justice League shows just what he is capable of. The idea of Batman’s contingency plans getting stolen and hijacked by villains is not new but Johns managed to breath life into the story with tight pacing and having the confrontation facing the League with the relationship of Superman and Wonder Woman. Gorgeous art by Ivan Reis doesn’t hurt either. Even the Shazam backup, which I wasn’t a fan of at first, continued its steady improvement in the last few chapters. This is what Geoff Johns is capable of. If only he managed to have this level writing on his GL titles!

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #19- I know the “Warth of The First Lantern” crossover is supposed to be writer Geoff John’s GL swansong but I have to say this swansong has, thus far, not been up to the usual high standard of his run on the GL titles. Just look at this issue for an example. The White Ring is the hardest to wield, there was even a run of several issues that shows how difficult it was for Kyle Rayner to wield all 7 powers of the emotion spectrum, but now in this crossover, the white lantern is jumping around like a hot potato. I know DC is looking to set things up for the new creative teams but that does not mean they should throw away the baby with the bathwater. I mean Simon Baz? Seriously? The new guy has been a lantern for a few days and “boom”, he can hold the White Ring. Seriously?

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