Monday, April 15, 2013

Down The Throat It Goes

Just last month, I laughed as news of the terrible launch of SimCity came in. I laughed because the “always-on” function of the game bought it, and its publisher EZ, to its knees. I stated then that this wasn’t the first time it happened and said that games that do not need an internet connection should not have it as a requirement to play games.

I stand by my view but it seems that the lesson is not learned by some companies. Rumors had been floating for awhile now that the next X-Box by Microsoft will require an always-on Internet connection. This rumor is now almost confirmed by a creative director at the company.

Adam Orth is considered a fairly influential voice within Microsoft Studios and as gamers grumbled that they will switch to the PlayStation for the next generation if the next X-Box has an “always-on” function; Orth took to Twitter to criticize people for not having an always-on connection, stating that they should get with the times and said that it is awesome.

Of course, the gaming community has swiftly condemned Orth for his views and his criticism of gamers but one thing seems to have been cleared; the next X-Box will require an always-on Internet connection. It makes no sense for a creative director of Microsoft to defend a much hated function otherwise. 

So all you X-box lovers get your internet service ready; you are going to need it. Like it or not, Microsoft is going to force “always-on” down your throats.  

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Anonymous said...

Well, the singapore government is also the same...they want you to "on" all the time.