Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lady Margret Thatcher Dies

Lady Margret Thatcher, Britain's first female premier, died peacefully yesterday at the age of 87. The passionate leader was the British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 and often divided opinion on her place in history.

To her loyalist, she was the one who made the hard decision and made Great Britain great again. To her critics, she was a leader who did more harm than good especially in her economic policies which created a massive divide in British society. But no matter where they stand on her, the British people seem to have called a truce on her at her passing. 

Now I’m no fan of Margret Thatcher but this is the way to treat a former leader. No matter what your opinion of her, this is not the time to argue about her place in history. She was the former leader of the country and the British people are doing the right thing by mourning her first. There's time for arguments later.

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