Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finding Dory

"Finding Nemo" is easily one of the greatest animation film in history. The movie about a clown fish going out of the Great Barrier Reef to find his captured son won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and is currently the fourth highest grossing animated film worldwide with more than $920 million.

This despite the fact that it was released in 2003!

Now 10 years after the movie, Disney-Pixar has just announced a sequel to the classic. Called "Finding Dory", the main character will be the absent-minded tang fish "Dory," which was voiced by Ellen DeGeneres in the first film.

Well, it's about time. With 4 Kungfu Panda movies coming out in the coming years, it's about time some of the older animated movies get their due. I mean "Finding Nemo" is a classic; if any animated movie deserved a sequel, it's this one.

Now if only they'll do one for "The Incredibles". (No, direct-to-rentals don't count)

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