Saturday, April 13, 2013

Welfare Is Not All Bad

Welfare is a dirty word in Singapore. That is the truth because for decades, the Singapore government has openly and proudly state that they are against the very idea of welfare. Basically, being a “welfare state” is one of the big fears of the Singapore government.

However, there is some proof that having welfare is not always a bad thing. There are some good things in having it as a social policy, and I’m not just talking about making ends make for the less fortunate. Having welfare has the ability to allows people to pursuit their interest!

Case in point; Irish MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter Conor McGregor! A featherweight fighter from Dublin, McGregor recently made his debut in the biggest MMA stage in the world; the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). In his debut fight in the UFC, in Sweden, McGregor score an impressive victory by knocking out his opponent. He was so impressive that the UFC immediately booked him for another fight in August and gave him a US$60,000 bonus for "Knockout of the Night"! 

Thing is; a week before his fight, the 25 year old McGregor picked up a welfare check for US$235. The fighter was in seriously training and as such was unable to settle into a steady job. So the man was on welfare and it's not a stretch to say that McGregor's currently promising MMA career would not be so promising if there was no welfare in Ireland. He would have to work and train at the same time which is no ideal when you are looking to enter the biggest MMA organization in the world.

Now before you think this is an isolated case; it is not. Go to Youtube and look for the Welsh Maradona. That guy was on welfare as well, but now he's a performer who has went to Dubai (paid) and met the real Diego Maradona. I think a lot of people in Singapore need to think about that before commenting that there's no good thing that can come out of having welfare.


bond said...

The G got it all wrong. It is not whether it is bad or not. For the poor and vulnerable, it is a necessity. THis is what a cohesive and gracious society should be pursuing.

Ghost said...

I'm afraid that's where you're wrong, Bond. Singapore is anything but cohesive and gracious.

Anonymous said...

The government is only interested in "social engineering" and not in her people

They want "talent" and "normal" people.