Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Outrage?

As everyone in Singapore expected, the Singapore's High Court rejected a petition to repeal Section 377A, a law in Singapore that makes it sex between men a crime. Recently, two male partners launched a petition that challenge the law. As widely expected, the High Court rejected the petition.

Reports on the internet state that there was outrage at the ruling. What outrage? Seriously, outside some activists, who is outraged at the ruling? Hell, I think most Singaporeans are happy with the ruling. In fact, I would argue that this petition should never have reached the High Court in the first place.

Most Singaporeans still view homosexuality as a big no-no and the ruling on the petition came as no surprise to anyone who pay any attention to Singapore. Not only is the law popular in Singapore; legally speaking, the petition had no chance. Section 377A is a law dates back all the way to British colonial rule and the courts were never going to change an old law that is highly popular in Singapore. It's just not going to happen.

Rights activists may reacted with indignation after the ruling but for the ordinary Singaporean on the street? There is nothing extraordinary, controversial or even remotely questionable about the ruling. Cause it's one he fully supports.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone's actually really thought about any of this, or even cares about such issues as sex between two people from the same sex (not just betw 2 men as you state, but also betw 2 women).

Even as people trumpet filial piety among Asians and in Spore, not enough people actually appear to practise it, going by anecdotal evidence.

At the end, it's all face and putting up a front. The Sporean is a complacent, bo chap person.

Ghost said...

Sorry but I think there's a big difference between Section 377A and filial piety. Singaporeans don't think about it because to most Singaporeans, there's no question whether if it's right or wrong. Most Singaporeans are against gay and lesbian relationships. That's just a fact.