Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"One-time" Password

When Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) was released by BioWare, people were of the thinking that it would be the next blockbuster MMORPG. There were good reasons for the thinking; a noted developer, a famed IP and a rabid fanbase. There was good reason to believe SWTOR would be the prophesized World of Warcraft killer.

That has not happened.

However a year on, SWTOR has done well enough to warrant an expansion. For some reason, Bioware is only releasing the expansion in digital format but okay, I can live with it. However what I have an issue with is the fact that whenever I login to the game, I am now required to key in a “one-time” password that Bioware sent to my email account.

And this happen EVERYTIME I login! Note to Bioware: It's not a "one-time" password when I have to do it everytime I login!

Why? SWTOR already changed the login from our email address to our account name; they already require us to have 5 security questions; now they still need a “one-time” password everytime we login? What the hell for?

Now SWTOR's struggle has been well-documented in the MMORPG community, if Bioware do not want to chase this gamer, they need to get rid of this “one-time” password requirement. I’m not willing to put up with it for long.

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