Thursday, April 3, 2014

Comics this week

Green Lantern #30- One of the pivotal moments of this current story arc happened when a Durlan shape-shifted into Hal Jordan and broadcasted an ultimatum to the rest of the galaxy. In the broadcast, the Durlan told the galaxy that even though every time they use their green rings, they are draining the galaxy of energy; the GL Corps will still keep on using the rings for “the good of the galaxy” and anyone who oppose them will be an enemy of the Corps. The best thing about this ultimatum? The Durlan did not lie! He didn’t say anything Hal didn’t say before. He used Hal’s own words against him. Another incident like this happen this issue as once again we see why so many species and worlds are now aligned against the Corps. The best thing about the whole episode is how these enemies of the Corps could be right. When the immortal Guardians were in charge, the rest of the galaxy can stomach the Corps as the Guardians were powerful, experienced and due to their age, had seen it all. Hal Jordon as the leader of the Green Lantern Corps? Why the hell should the galaxy listen to him? Writer Robert Venditti is hitting it out of the park with this arc. 

Moon Knight #2- After the stellar debut issue, writer Warren Ellis was always going to have a hard time living up to it. Unfortunately, as expected, #2 did not manage to reach the highs of #1. This is still a good issue as Moon Knight chased after a sniper who is killing some seemingly normal people. Ellis was clearly trying to show the similarities between the sniper and Marc Spector and how the horror of the past can catch up to someone even if you have move on to a new life. It’s gripping stuff, just too bad there’s no way but down after #1.

Magneto #2- I found #1 of Magneto underwhelming despite the fact that writer Cullen Bunn did a fine job showing the complexity of Magneto’s character. In this issue, it’s more of the same but what was underwhelming in the debut issue works beautifully here. The flashback works to show us how and why Magneto is the man he is and what happened at the camp site shows us why sometimes the world needs people like Erik. An excellent character study on the master of magnetism; this series has promise. 

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