Thursday, April 17, 2014

Comics this week

Bad Ass #4- Criminally overlooked, Bad Ass ended the same way it had been all along; with a crazy out-of-this-world issue that makes you wonder about the sanity of writer Herik Hanna. I mean just look at his JL-like superhero group, the AJF. A cartoon-like character named Eddy Looter beside normal superheroes? That idea (and character design by artist Bruno Bessadi) is just zany fun. We probably won’t see a sequel to Bad Ass but we should. Comics stand need more series like this.

Ms. Marvel #3- One thing about superhero comics is that outside having superpowers, the main character is well…heroic. After a successful rescue last issue, that’s the case for Kamala Khan as well. On a high after the rescue, Kamala is now trying to come to grips with her powers while facing down the problems of school, family, and culture. Then disaster strikes as her inexperience tell. I give writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona credit; they successfully showcased the struggle Kamala faced and they do not dumb down or avoid the problems faced by Kamala. There is just something refreshing about that. This is a very promising series with only two caveats; 1) I still say they need a new codename for Kamala outside being called Ms. Marvel and 2) I hope the costume on the cover is not permanent. It’s terrible.

Superman/Wonder Woman #7- This issue is weak. In the aftermath of the nuclear blast last issue, we see both Superman and Wonder Woman severely injured. Both tried desperately to save each other and in the end succeeded. Now I was sure they would succeed in saving each other but any potential tension in the issue was destroy on its opening page where we see a healthy Clark and Diana going on a date. Yes, the entire aftermath of the nuclear blast was told as a flashback! Talk about stupid planning. Writer Charles Soule really drop the ball on this one.

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