Friday, April 11, 2014

No Idea What They're Doing

With the search for the missing MH370 narrowed to an area within the Indian Ocean, the question on how the plane went missing has still not been answered. There had been many conspiracy theories on this since the plane vanished on March 8 and it seem one thought is that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is to blame.

A newspaper owned by the ruling Barisan Nasional party, Utusan Malaysia, is alleging that the US intelligence agency was behind the disappearance of MH370. The allegations were printed on Sunday and till now, no government official has come out to deny it.

That is just plain stupidity on the part of the Malaysian government.

The main question on everyone's mind is how the hell did the plane managed to fly across Malaysia without been detected and stopped by the Malaysians. The plane was picked up by the Thai Air Force and it looped around Indonesia to avoid their radar, but it managed to go straight across Malaysia. How it managed to do that? The Malay government has not managed to answer this question thus far and now their newspaper is saying the CIA are the ones to blame?

That's just giving ammunition to their opponents that they have no idea what the hell they're doing. Already the Malaysian opposition is using these allegations to attack the Malaysian government. Taking up time and resources better used to help finding the missing plane...and the Malaysian government has no one to blame but themselves.

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