Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Does This Surprise People?

A Facebook post by the Philippine Independence Day Committee 2014 (PIDC) inviting Filipinos to celebrate their national day in Ngee Ann City on June 8 has drawn a backlash from some Singaporeans. Singaporeans have gone on to PIDC's Facebook page to demand that they cancel the celebration.

These Singaporeans who call for the cancellation of the celebration are now being accused of being racist and xenophobic. I don’t see it this way at all.

At the risk of being called racist and xenophobic myself, I can fully understand where these Singaporeans are coming from. I find it very strange that anyone thinks that celebrating a national/independence day in public on foreign soil is an okay thing to do. I mean it's one thing to celebrate the day at the embassy, a private gathering, or even at a party at home; but a public celebration in public? Come on, does it comes as a surprise some people will be unhappy about that?

Now I'm sure the people at the PIDC meant no harm but to say their proposal is foolish is an understatement. I have no problem with Filipinos celebrating their national days, even doing it in Singapore, but doing it along Orchard Road is just asking for trouble.

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