Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Comics this week

Red Lantern #30- With the meeting with Superman now out of the way, Red Lantern is back on track as the team grapples with the news that Atrocitus is still alive. This issue is filled with character moments; the betrayal of Sheko; the always entertaining duo of Skallox and Zilius Zox; the talk between Bleez and Kara; were all golden moments. However I have say I agree with Bleez. The new red, Sheko, looks like a powerhouse but why would Guy want to get into an arms race with Atrocitus when he already outnumbered him? And he already has Supergirl! Take Bleez, go get Rankorr, and defeat Atrocitus. It’s the simple logical thing to do and writer Charles Soule just couldn’t come up with a convincing argument otherwise. It’s too bad because the rest of the issue rocks!  

Supergirl #30- Having Supergirl join the Red Lantern Corps is a good idea and writer Tony Bedard continue to show why as Kara and her Red Lantern teammates go on a cosmic beatdown of the Diasporans. The addition of the Red Lanterns give Supergirl a very strong supporting cast and that in itself is worth her joining the Reds. It was funny as hell seeing Guy face-palm himself when he hears how excited Kara is at being able to show her rage. He now knows how Hal felt all these years.

Sinestro #1- When it was announced that Sinestro, the thought that went through my mind was, “It’s about bloody time!” As the primary arch-nemesis to the Green Lantern Corps, a complex and formidable villain, Sinestro is long overdue a series of his own. This debut series by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dale Eaglesham is pretty by-the-book with Lyssa Dark coming to warn Sinestro of an impending disaster and his role in averting it. As he is a villain, Sinestro refused to just jump back into things so Dark raised the personal stakes by telling him that the few remaining Korugarians are at risk. That got him going. That is also why Sinestro is such a great antihero. He has noble aims but is so driven that he do not care about the things he has to do to achieve his goals. This debut issue isn’t great, but the character has amazing potential.  

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