Thursday, April 10, 2014

Comics this week

Astro City #11- After the Samaritan/Confessor/Winged Victory arc, writer Kurt Busiek gets back to what he does best. A small story about the everyday man living in a city pack with superheroes. Raitha is the overworked personal assistant to an overworked superhero, The Silver Adept, and this issue showcase a day in her life as she tried to juggle her boss's packed schedule. This include something as mundane as doing as doing her email to arranging her travel planes as The Silver Adept goes another the world (and other planes) to preventing a war breaking out between clans of alien magicians on her boss's behalf. Another typical day for the little guy in Astro City, and this is why I love this series.

Bad Ass #3- After a two weeks delay, I finally got my hands on this issue. If you've been reading this series till now, nothing here would surprise you as writer Herik Hanna and artist Bruno Bessadi do more of the same. Of course this is not a bad thing as they are clearly having fun in this Batman homage/satire series. Blacksnake comes with his own Black Copter, Black Boat, Black Motorcycle, BlackMobile, and even a stuffy black butler. It was hilarious! 1 more issue till the end. 

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