Monday, April 28, 2014

Disney: The King of Star Wars

In a post on the official Star Wars site, Lucasfilm (or to be more exact, Disney) announced that only the six Star Wars films and the Clone Wars television show will be considered canon. Other stories of the Star Wars Universe, whether they are from the books, games, comics or short stories, are all not considered canon.

This means anything that belongs in the “The Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU)” like The Knights of the Old Republic, the Thrawn trilogy, Blood Ties etc; are all not part of the Star Wars Universe anymore. Basically, Disney is dumping everything of Star Wars that did not come from the movies or the Clone Wars television.

Naturally, more than a few Star Wars fans are unhappy about this. I’m not one of them.

I can understand why they are unhappy but this cannot come as a surprise. No matter how much the writers of the novels or the makers of the games "consult" with Lucasfilm, the bread-and-butter of the Star Wars Universe is the movies. Once Disney bought over Lucasfilm, this was always going to happen.

To me, that's OK. This ruling by Disney makes it easier for everyone, especially new fans, to follow the official story. I suspect this is something Disney is doing to get new fans. They don't want too many stories cluttering things up for newcomers. They want to make things simple. 

Not that it matter what their reasons are. This is a lot similar to what happen in “The Witcher”. It’s Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski caused a furor when he said that only the story in “The Witcher” novels are canon, and the story in the PC games of “The Witcher” are not.

Some people were unhappy but they honestly have no right to feel that way. “The Witcher” was created by Sapkowski, so he has the right to rule what is canon and what is not. Same thing with Star Wars. Disney owns it. That makes them king. 

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