Monday, November 3, 2014

World-Class Rugby In Singapore?

When I read that Singapore has clinched a 4 year deal to host a leg of the IRB (International Rugby Board) Sevens World Series at its state-of-the-art new National Stadium starting from next year, a question immediately popped into my mind; Why?

Now I know the agreement is a coup for the Singapore Rugby Union (SRU) but rugby in Singapore is like ice-hockey; sure everyone heard of the sport but few seen it and fewer actually played it. Basically, outside the school level, Singapore rugby is almost non-existent!

So why are we spending money on an world-class international tournament which has no Singapore involvement? At least I hope not because if there's a Singapore team in the tournament, they are going be get smashed! I mean let's admit it; Singapore rugby isn't even the best in Asia. We get our national team to play world class teams, even at home in Singapore, our team is going to get destroyed.

Sad to say, the Sevens World Series rugby in Singapore is like the World Cup in Qatar. A popular sport in a country that has no place hosting it.


Anonymous said...

You forget the thousands of expatriates here. They need to be entertained or they might pack up and go.

Ghost said...

If they can't survive without seeing rugby, then they should go get cable TV.