Thursday, November 6, 2014

Comics this week

Birthright #2- After the stunningly intriguing debut issue, writer Joshua Williamson had a lot to live up to. It's common knowledge that for most new series, most of the time #2 does not hit the heights of #1. That is not a problem with Birthright as Williamson again hit it out of the park. The debut issue was a family drama about a family finding their lost son but this issue was action as the secretly fallen hero tore through a police station and artist Andrei Bressan showed the bloody vicious action with total relish. Looking at his art, I truly believed in two things; this guy is a great warrior and the police officer are truly outmatched. The police has guns while the warrior only has swords and shields but those officers has no chance. A superb follow-up! 

Earth 2: World’s End #5- After a month of showing how deadly Darkseid's forces are, the shoe finally falls as the World Government and Earth's defenders make their move. Although part of the issue is on Sloan and Mr. Terrific's new inventions, I'm far more interested in the Parliament's alliance. The Green allied with The Gray? Man, Earth 2 must really be in trouble for that to happen. If nothing else, Alan Scott and Soloman Grundy would be the odd couple of the year and seeing them together should be fun! 

Amazing Spiderman #9- Spiderverse starts here and if the rest of the Spider-event is anything like this issue then everyone can officially say Spiderman is back! Marvel wasn’t kidding when they say writer Dan Slott is a Spider-nerd because almost every Spider I can think of is here. I especially like the humor peppered throughout the issue (stop looking at the butt!). Not only that, Slott is proud enough of his work that he forgo the usual Spider suspects and instead focus the story on the more marginal Spidermen like Spider-UK, Spider Ham and Mayday Parker. Silk made nothing but a cameo while Spider-woman was almost wallpaper. Now that takes guts and the issue was better for it. Bring on the rest! 

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