Friday, November 7, 2014

Insane WOW Player With 29 Max Characters

In the genre of MMORPG, the World of Warcraft (WOW) is king of the hill. Many MMOs has been released since WOW first came on the stage and every once in awhile, one of them will be called the “WOW-killer”.

None has succeeded and while it's pretenders fall by the wayside, WOW is still going strong. So the question is, “Can any MMO really take over the throne from WOW?” The answer is probably not because WOW is a game with some die-hard fans.

Case in point: Brendan "Tibs" Thibodeau.

A WOW player since 2005 (9 years!), Tibs became a WOW legend by the fact that he had attended six BlizzCons and been at the front of the line for four of those. Not only that, he is again first in line at this year’s BlizzCons.

Just in case you think this is a guy who just stand in line for the conventions, Tibs proudly admits to having 29 max level characters with five legendary cloaks among them. Holy shit! The most number of max characters I had even heard of was a player in SWTOR with 16 max characters. This guy has 13 more than that!

So all those guys on the internet saying WOW’s time is over, I say you are dreaming. With (insane) fans like Tibs, I think WOW will be top of the MMORPG hill for quite some time. 

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