Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chuck Blazer; American Spy?

By now, everyone know that FIFA is a den of corruption where money rules. Russia's successful 2018 World Cup as well as Qatar's successful 2022 have both come under the microscope as money politics have been named as the main reason why both countries were successful in their bid.

Honestly, what else is new? Money has always talk the loudest in FIFA. 

What's new is that the FBI has now been linked to the former head of CONCACAF (the football's governing body for North and Central America and the Caribbean), Chuck Blazer. Chuck Blazer, once one the most powerful man in world football, has been reported by the New York Daily as an FBI informant used to spy on FIFA since 2011.

According to the report by the newspaper, Blazer was working for the FBI from 2011 and secretly recorded conversations with various officials throughout the world. These includes private meetings as well as meetings within FIFA's executive committee.

If this is true, and thus far no one has denied them, it would explain why FIFA has refused to release the investigation report on the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. The corruption probe has been finished for months but FIFA has thus far refused to release the report to the public due to “legal reasons”. Hell if one of their top members was a FBI spy for years and they never known about it, I can see why they would have “legal reasons” not to release that info.

It doesn’t take a lot to imagine the damage such information could do to FIFA. I mean one of their main rules is “no government interference” in the running of the country’s football association and yet they have a FBI spy on their executive committee for years?

Man, that's one report FIFA would not want to see the light of day. 

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