Friday, November 14, 2014

In Defense of Sim Lim Square

Last week, reports came out about how a Vietnamese tourist in Singapore was scammed out of S$550 when buying an iPhone 6 at the IT retail complex, Sim Lim Square. Since then, Singaporeans has been saying how Singapore should “clean up” Sim Lim Square.

I must say I’m very puzzled by all the woo hah! I honestly can’t see why Singaporeans are so surprised by the incident. I had been going to Sim Lim for over 15 years (back when the stores there sell shall we say disreputable goods) and I’m not at all surprised by the incident. In fact, I would say the incident isn’t just expected, it is accepted.

Why? Because it is Sim Lim Square! Stores there practicing sales tactics that border on the illegal is nothing new, it has always been that way. Hell, I remember a time when the stores there sell things that were outright illegal. Isn’t there truly really anyone surprised by this?

For those of you saying that tourists do not know the reputation of Sim Lim Square, I’ll say tourists have no business going there in the first place. All this talk about “cleaning up” is counterproductive for Sim Lim Square. Let’s admit it; Sim Lim Square is nothing special if not for its stores and reputation.

It’s what give the building it’s edge. Without that, it’s just another shopping complex (and a pretty lousy looking one at that). If you are not happy about the practices of the stores there, then don’t go there. There’s always Funan. 

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