Thursday, November 20, 2014

Comics this week

Deadly Class #9- I must say I’m not a big fan of Maria but after this issue, I’m beginning to understand her a little. Writer Rick Remender sent us on a flashback, showing us the origin of Maria and the amazing skills she possesses. Artist Wes Craig outdid himself on the fight between Victor and Maria and the almost inevitable fight between Maria and Saya is something I’m really look forward to. The only drawback is Marcus. I know he’s the main character and has a psycho rep in the school but outside that, what do the girls see in him? A reputation can only bring you so far.

Amazing Spiderman #10- Officially Part 2 of Spiderverse, #10 has so many Spiders that even the most hardcore Spiderman fan’s head will spin. Looking back, I have to say it should be obvious that there are 2 groups of Spiders looking to take on the Inheritors, but it came as a bit of a surprise when the two groups first met up. Writer Dan Slott divided the 2 teams pretty well as the group led by Superior Spider-Man is more dangerous while the group led by our normal Spiderman is the better team. As the 2 groups interact in the future, the conflict should be nice to watch. However this issue was bogged down by the “need” to spilt the Spiders which I could have done without. Portals to everywhere got open as Marvel had to set things up for the #1 of Spider-woman, Scarlet Spiders and Silk. Thank goodness Spider Gwen #1 only comes after the event closes or they have to set that one up as well. Good issue that was damaged by the setups.

Spider-woman #1- I picked this up strictly because it’s part of the Spiderverse checklist and after reading it, anyone who thinks of picking this up need to get Spiderverse or nothing will make sense. Though it state there #1, the debut of Spider-woman is a Spiderverse affair. I mean the issue starts with Spider-woman, Silk and Spiderman Noir in an alternate Earth, on the run from the Twins of the Inheritors. The group then jumped to Noir Earth where Anya and Spider Gwen show up! Try making sense of that without reading Spiderverse! It's pretty much impossible. #1 is a pretty good issue but pick up Spiderverse before reading this one.

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