Thursday, November 27, 2014

Comics this week

Earth 2: World’s End #8- One thing I’ve discovered about World’s End is that the issues tend to jump. Here we have a riot in the refugee camp and the issue told us to read Earth 2 to know what had happened. There we have Constantine breaking 4 villains out of stasis and we were told to read the main Constantine series to know what happened. Come on DC, this is a WEEKLY series! You’re telling me even with a WEEKLY series, I still need to go elsewhere to know what’s happening in this series? That just sucks.  

Scarlet Spiders #1- One of the worst storylines Spiderman ever had is the horror that was “The Clone Saga”. It was total crap, right up there alongside Brand New Day. So I was kind of shaking my head when I read that Scarlet Spiders is a mini-series starring 3 (count them; 3!) clones. I admit the concept make sense; who better to send to destroy a clone factory than clones themselves. So Ultimate Jessica Drew, Kaine and Ben Reilly were sent on this suicide mission to the home dimension of the Inheritors where they met with strange variations of Tony Stark and Johnny Storm. The resulting issue wasn’t bad but it doesn’t reach the heights of Spiderverse. In fact, this issue seems and read like a filler issue, and that’s something Spiderverse does not need.

Spiderman 2099 #6- Although I’m not a huge Spiderman fan, I am very familiar with Miguel O'Hara as a friend of mine collected the Spiderman 2099 series. So it was nice to him back in action, and in 2099! Happening immediately after Amazing Spider-Man #10, this issue sees Miguel, Lady Spider and six-armed Spider-Man running from the Inheritor, Daemos. I found this issue to be a mixed bag. I enjoyed the character development of Lady Spider as the prim and proper May took her chance to be a little fun and flirty away from her Victorian time, but why did they kill the six-armed Spider-Man? I know Spiderverse is about dead Spiders but I thought the six-armed Spider was a fun character to have around (especially how funny it was he had to explain how he got six arms every single time he meet a new Spider). Still, on the whole this was an excellent issue and a worthy addition to Spiderverse. 

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