Monday, April 6, 2015

Comics this week

Earth 2: World’s End #26- This is it. The end of the line for Earth 2! To no one’s surprise, the end is a bit of a mess with action sequences that jumped here and there. To their credit, the writers and artists tried valiantly to tie things up while leaving a grand opening to Convergence, the next mega crossover event in DC. On the whole, they didn’t really succeed but I have to give them an A+ for effort. All the big (Val, Green Lantern etc) and small (Dick Grayson, Sato) players were given some scene-time while pushing the big battle with Darkseid. Not perfect but in the end, it could have been worse. 

Hinterkind #17- With the war between the Skinlings and the Sidhe in full swing, the Sidhe Queen’s decision to call for the help of a dragon comes into question as Psamira tried to ward off Prosper’s team. I know writer Ian Edginton hasn’t been shy about showing how dangerous the world of the Hinterkind is but I could seriously do without all the killing this issue. At least 3 supporting characters were killed off this issue and I can’t help but think that this is just a total waste. The art by Francesco Trifogli is still great but the issue was let down by all the senseless death.  

Spider-Gwen #3- 3 issues in and Spider-Gwen still looks like Marvel’s best bet for a long-term female Spider hit. This is a strong issue with a surprise at the end. I like the fact that writer Jason Latour is trying to shake things up and I will admit the work by artist Robbi Rodriguez is beginning to grow on me. Since its debut, the series has been strong and as long as it doesn’t show signs of slowing down, Marvel may finally get their wish. 

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